Summer is the time in the year when a lot of things happen within a short time period. 

One week ago Ruby and Barolo‘s puppies were born 🐶 now we have some cuteness overload here 🥰 but it’s also work. Ruby is still nervous and doesn’t really know what to do. On the one side she doesn’t want to leave her puppies not even for eating so we feed her out of the hand. On the other side she has times where she seems very stressed even when puppies are not drinking. Anyway the puppies are growing. The smallest we try to feed a bit extra so that the difference to the siblings is not getting too big but like Simba in our last litter he prefers to drink from Ruby. If you are waiting for the names you have to be patient, we will wait until they are a bit older and you can see first signs of different personalities, so maybe two weeks from now…

But puppies are not the only project. We are also almost done with the new dog cages. Only some more stones on the outside of the cages but dogs can already move in. That gives us the possibility to change cages and refresh the painting of the old dog houses in the other ones. 

Beside this summer is waiting with its food treasures. First mushrooms are ready, also the production of fireweed syrup can start. Cloudberries may take some more days or a week and blueberries a few weeks longer. We will pick all this so that you can experience the taste of Lapland when you join our tours 😋

Last but not least Zazu and Yvonne were checking some trails yesterday. Our summer and autumn training trail has – after heavy rain – more water than in late autumn. We also need to build a bridge over a mud/water hole because it’s now so big that you have difficulties to come through with the atv. But also everywhere around it’s wet, wet, wet. When the first two trekking trail options we had planned where not possible to hike we decided to just walk a round on our winter trail to come back to the kennel. Since we already had wet feet it was ok to walk through the swamps having your feet in water permanently. But when the water was almost as high as my hips it was not that funny anymore. Especially because there was so much high grass, bushes and other plants that you couldn’t see it and it got difficult for Zazu to pass it because the plants made it impossible to swim but walking was also not possible. I took of the leash and harness from Zazu that he can move freely and what happened? Instead of going forward he was just jumping around or on me enjoying the time together 😃 it’s so great to see how these dogs know the difference between work and leisure. Put him in a harness and on the line and he will immediately start pulling – by the way with so much power that it’s hard to stand on your feet – and if you take away harness and leash he is just cuddling and walking as close to you as possible. By the way, no chance not to think of Ranger who was exactly the same 😍