8 Days Dogs, Cold & Northern Lights

Have you ever dreamed of driving your own team of adorable huskies through the magnificent winter wonderland of Swedish Lapland? Experience the real arctic winter and enjoy the beautiful nature with lots of snow, cold temperatures and a magnificent sky. The winter sun is coloring it in light blue, pink and purple during morning and afternoon hours while you might be lucky and see sun halos – also called sundogs – during the middle of the day or magical Aurora Borealis in the night. Always on our side: our beloved dogs who cannot get enough cuddles.

We will take you on a 5-day sled dog trip into the beautiful Swedish landscape around us. You will learn to take care for your own dog team and how to spend winter days safely outside. This tour will give you unforgettable memories for a lifetime.


24.-31.01., 21.-28.02., 28.02.-07.03., 07.-14.03., 14.-21.03., 21.-28.03., 28.03.-04.04.2025

(other dates on request)


26.000 SEK per person


max. 4 guests on tour


Day 1

We will pick you up from Arvidsjaur or Jörn. As soon as you arrive at our guest house in Glommersträsk you will realize how quiet it is and start to calm down from every day life. During dinner you will meet the rest of your group and we will talk about what will happen the next days.

Day 2

You can enjoy a delicious breakfast before we pick you up for your introduction tour. First you will get your clothes for the next days and we will take time to meet the dogs. Afterwards you will get an instruction how to drive a sled and handle the dogs. We will take out the dogs together, put the harnesses on, take them on the line and faster than you think we are ready to start. Today we will drive a tour of approximately 20km. Then we come back to the kennel, take care for the dogs and do a lunch break. After that we will prepare the sleds with food and equipment for our tour the next days. During dinner we have time to talk about your experiences from the day and answer questions how to improve sledding.

Days 3-6

After breakfast for dogs and humans we get ready for our adventure. For the next four days we will drive a tour through forests, over swamps, lakes and open fields with nights outside in wilderness cabins without electricity and water or tents. Depending on the temperatures we either use a big heated tent for the whole group or normal tents, where two people share one tent. Daily stages will be between 25 and 60km depending on trail and weather conditions. All tasks on tour will be shared in the group and carried out as a team, from feeding and taking care for the dogs, over collecting/making fire wood, getting water or melting snow to preparing meals. So, all of those tasks you haven’t done before, you will learn on tour. We will also have a lot of time to talk about dogs, mushing and the life outside. On day 6 the trail will lead us back home to the kennel where you will enjoy a hot shower – after having fed the dogs of course.

Day 7

This day is a free day. Our dogs have time to relax after the tour and you can decide if you want to do the same or experience some other winter activities in the area. It is, for example, possible to walk with snow shoes to the kennel and cuddle the dogs one more time. For those who like it a bit more adventurous, it’s possible to do a snowmobile tour in Arvidsjaur or drive a car on a frozen lake.

Day 8

Now it’s time to say goodbye to the dogs… but just until your next tour 😉


  • 5 days sled dog tour with your own dog team (4-5 dogs)
  • 4 nights in our guest house in Glommersträsk 5min from the kennel (double room, single room on request)
  • 3 nights in wilderness cabins or (heated) tent (preliminary planned 2x cabin, 1x tent)
  • Meals from dinner day 1 to breakfast day 8 incl. water, tea and coffee
  • Rent of clothes (over jacket, trousers, boots, hat and over-mittens)
  • Rent of equipment (winter sleeping bag, mat, tent, snow shoes)
  • Transfer to/from Arvidsjaur airport or bus station or Jörn train station

Not Included

  • Travel costs
  • Insurances
  • Alcohol or softdrinks
  • Activities on your free day

Tour Requirements

This tour is suitable for all with good physical fitness and health. You do not need to be a marathon star but please be aware that trail and weather conditions may make it necessary to help the dogs by walking beside and pushing the sled e.g. in deep snow or uphill. Also standing on the sled for several hours might be more demanding than you think.  No former sled dog experience is needed. For safety reasons for you and the dogs please read and respect our tour requirements regarding age and weight limits that you can find here.


We provide you with the outer layer of clothes. To enjoy the tour it’s always good to have the right combination of clothes and equipment. So, please find our equipment recommendation here.


Since the tour is exclusive only for up to 4 people we have the possibility to adapt and customize it to your wishes. It is for example possible to skip the introduction day and be out five days/four nights in a row. Or to plan more tent nights. What are your ideas? Just let us know.

Please be aware that changes in the program can be necessary if weather and trail conditions change.


Extra nights before or after the tour can be booked on request.