8 Days The Beauty of Lapland in Pictures

An exclusive photography adventure that brings together stunning landscapes, beautiful lights and  majestic wildlife. 

This photo tour is intended for all people who are interested in photography but don’t really know where to start as well as more experienced photographers who want to find new ways of composition or just extend their field of topics. 

The group will consist of maximum four guests, so that we have the best opportunity to guide everyone individually for best results. 


16.-23.08., 11.-18.10.2024

(other dates on request)


11.500 SEK per person


max. 4 guests on tour


Day 1

We will welcome you at our guest house in Glommersträsk. In the evening we will have a dinner together and if not already happened you will get to know the rest of the group. 

Day 2

The day starts with a delicious breakfast. Then we will start with some theory. We will have a look on your individual equipment and what experiences you already have. We go through some basics, like camera settings, picture composition and image processing. But just in general, because details are so much depending on the actual situation that it’s much better to go deeper into it when we are outside. 

After lunch we will do our first photo session… We will conclude the day with a dinner together, before it’s time to go to bed. Tomorrow you have to get up early.

Day 3

Today is our wildlife day. That means we plan our tour according to the activities of the animals around us. Most likely we will do a first shooting early in the morning, already before breakfast. Because that is the time with best chances to meet a lot of our furry neighbors. Additionally the light mood is often very nice.

When we come back we take a little late breakfast. Now it’s up to you if you want to get a bit more sleep or maybe take a walk in the forest or go swimming in one of the nearby lakes. But make sure you are ready for the second attempt that we will start directly after an early dinner. Let’s see if we meet some more wildlife before all go to sleep. 

Day 4

Since we were out late yesterday, we will start a bit later today and take it easy. Before we will edit our wildlife pictures we will practice a bit more with animals, having our adorable Alaskan huskies in focus. Try to capture the pure joy when they play in the free run together or the intense feelings in a portrait with dog and human. 

In the afternoon we will work on the pictures we have taken so far, not to make a whole new picture out of it, but to get a soft finish of an almost perfect photo. And at the same time see which settings we might need to improve in the next days. 

Day 5

Today we will focus on landscape photography. Experience the beauty of Swedish Lapland and learn how different kinds of composition, light and focus can make the most interesting pictures out of a supposedly simple setting. No matter if it’s water, trees or the sky, there are thousands of possibilities to make something exceptional.

Of course, we will check out and finish your best photos together after the session. 

Day 6

Our topic for today is water and reflection. Depending on the weather that can be for example clear lakes reflecting the surroundings or long exposures of water rapids or maybe rain drops in the morning sun. Let’s see what nature has to offer. Later on we will go through the pictures and do the last steps before they are ready for print or online posts. 

Day 7

We have planned a free day for you. So you can relax a bit and maybe do another shooting of the topic you are most interested in. In the afternoon we meet again, happy to see what everyone captured today and enjoying a delicious dinner over open fire. 

Day 8

How fast a week passed by. It’s already departure day. But we are quite sure, you are infected with the Lapland virus and can’t resist to come back. 


  • 5 days with different photo tours, guiding and teaching of photography skills, e.g. settings, composition and editing, transfers to photo spots 
  • 7 nights in a double room in our cozy guest house (single room on request)
  • Full board from dinner day 1 to breakfast day 8 incl. water, tea and coffee (ingredients for breakfast/lunch are provided, dinner is cooked together in the group)

Not Included

  • Travel costs
  • Insurances
  • Alcohol or softdrinks
  • Photography equipment
  • Activities on your free day

What to bring

  • Digital camera with possibility for manual settings
  • Tripod 
  • Laptop or tablet with a camera/photography program of your choice for editing photos 
  • Clothes suitable for outdoor activities in all weather 

Good to Know

The tour is intended for beginners and more experienced photographers. We will adapt the program to your experiences and wishes as much as possible. Even if you are a beginner you should try to get an idea of your camera and photo editing software before the tour, so that you know where to find the most important settings. 

We will do our photo shoots out in the nature and we can’t predict the weather. So, be prepared that it can be warm and sunny or cold and rainy or everything in between. And one of the most important things: we love to shoot wildlife with the camera, but we want to live in harmony with nature. That means we do not chase animals causing stress for them, but visit places where they usually are and wait for them. It can happen that we see a lot of different animals, but we can also have bad luck and don’t see them at all. We will still have many opportunities for nice pictures, but if you want to have a guarantee for e.g. moose photos you should visit a moose park. 


Please be aware that changes in the program can be necessary if weather conditions change.


Extra nights before or after the tour can be booked on request.