Join a Training

Do you wonder what our huskies are doing in summer and autumn? They are getting prepared for the winter season. Come and join a training with them!

After your arrival we will show you the kennel and give some general information about the life of a sleddog, nutrition and training theory. Then it’s time to harness the dogs, put them on the line and start our training run. You will be passenger on the atv or training cart. While the dogs are doing their job you will learn more about mushing, how to communicate with the dogs, important things to look at while they are running, team composition, how they react when we meet wildlife like reindeers, moose, wood or black grouse, etc. When we are back we show you how to take care of the dogs, e.g. give water and snacks, check paws, massage muscles, and so on. We end your adventure with a coffee/tea made over open fire. 

  • Dates: flexible, from August to November
  • Participants: 1-2
  • Duration: 2-3h
  • Price: 1.500 SEK per person

Advice: Training runs can only take place when it is not too warm for the dogs, so especially in summer the times are early in the morning or late in the evening. Please be aware that we might need to change plans if temperatures don’t allow training. You can decide if you prefer another date for a training or if we change activity, e.g. to „Meet & Greet Dogs and Nature“ or „Husky Trekking“. 

Please choose clothes accordingly to the weather conditions (training can be warm/cold, dry/wet and dirty).

Always one person at a time can join the atv or cart run. If you are two we will eventually split the training in two runs. While one of you is out the other has time to cuddle the dogs that stays at home. 

Contact us for setting a date and time for your tour! We are happy to welcome you at our place!