8 Days Huskies and Mountains

You have already been on a multiple day tour driving your own team of huskies and want to experience something new? You like adventurous conditions and landscapes, eventually including snow storms and steep up or down hills? You are not afraid of long days on the sled and nights in tents?

Our brand new tour “Huskies and Mountains“ leads us into the Swedish mountains, so called Fjäll. During five days in the wilderness you will be able to develop your skills around the dogs and sled driving, because longer tours far away from civilisation means also that dog care gets even more important and since we never know how the weather will be also the trail that we go can be quite easy on one day while it is really challenging the next one. But one thing is sure: this tour you will never forget.


11.-18.04., 18.-25.04.2025

(extra nights before and after the tour are possible)


33.000 SEK per person


max. 3 guests on tour


Day 1

We will pick you up from Arvidsjaur or Jörn. As soon as you arrive at our guest house in Glommersträsk you will realize how quiet it is and start to calm down from every day life.

If the whole group arrives in good time before dinner we might already get clothes for the tour and prepare all the equipment for the next days. If the arrival is later we will start the second day with this.

Anyway we will have a delicious dinner before we start on our adventure.

Day 2

You will get up early today, because the dogs and mountains are waiting for us. After your breakfast we will pick you up and if not already done prepare everything for the tour. Then we will put the dogs in the trailer and drive to our starting point that is probably in Jäckvik, but might be adapted according to weather and trail conditions. The driving takes about 2,5-3h, so plenty of time to talk about what will happen the next days.

After arrival we pack the sleds with all food and equipment, harness the dogs and off we go. The first stage is not too bad with uphills but don’t forget that the sleds are heavy so anyway it might be demanding.

On the first day we will sleep in tents so that we are quite flexible how long we want to go and where exactly we will stop. When we have chosen a nice place we will take care of the dogs and feed them together. Afterwards we will make it cozy for us too, put up the tents, get water (either from a river or lake or by melting snow), eventually make a fire and of course, we will have something nice to eat too. Later we will check all dogs, give them some massage and another portion of food before dogs and humans get their well deserved sleep. 

Days 3- 6

The next days will lead us through the stunning landscape of the Swedish mountains, partly on top, partly in between, driving through beautiful valleys. Our trail will lead us in the direction of the Norwegian border, over the lake Mavas to the STF cabin Pieskehaure. If the weather is good we will see the Sulitelma glacier, before we go on over the mountains, passing Vaimok and enjoying the wonderful Tarredalen. We continue in the direction to Kvikkjokk before we go south again to reach our starting point.

Every day will be adventurous and full of new impressions. You will come into good routines with dog care and camp tasks. We will decide according to weather and trail conditions which trails we use and how far we go per day. So, if necessary, it might be that we change the route but that does not mean that it’s less impressive. Our daily stages will be around 50km, maybe less on a bad weather day and more on a good day.

We will probably have a mix out of tent nights and cabins, experiencing the real outdoor life combined with some luxury of having a bed and a dry place to cook.

On day 6 the trail will lead us back to the starting point where we put the dogs back in the trailer and drive home. After having fed the dogs a hot shower and delicious dinner awaits you.

Day 7

This day is an extra day for the tour if needed or a free day.

That means if the weather and trail conditions force us to stay on the trail longer than planned we have this day to drive the last stage to the parking or a place where we can be picked up. If everything goes like planned this is a relax day for the dogs and probably also for you? But if you still have too much energy there are other winter activities like snowmobile tours in Arvidsjaur or snow shoe walks around Glommersträsk that are waiting for you.

In the evening we will enjoy a last dinner together, remembering the great moments of our tour.

Day 8

Now it’s time to say goodbye to the dogs… but just until your next tour 😉


  • 5 days sled dog tour with your own dog team with 5 dogs (6 days if conditions require)
  • 3 nights in our guest house in Glommersträsk 5min from the kennel (double room, single room on request)
  • 4 nights in wilderness cabin or tents (if needed 1 more night outside)
  • Meals from dinner day 1 to breakfast day 8 incl. water, tea and coffee
  • Rent of clothes (over jacket, trousers, boots, hat and over-mittens)
  • Rent of equipment (winter sleeping bag, mat, tent, snow shoes)
  • Transfer to/from Arvidsjaur airport or bus station or Jörn train station

Not Included

  • Travel costs
  • Insurances
  • Alcohol or softdrinks
  • Activities on your free day

Tour Requirements

This tour requires very good physical fitness and health. The weather and trails in the mountains can be demanding. You must be able to help the dogs by walking beside and pushing the sled e.g. in deep snow or uphill. You should be able to stand on the sled for several hours and not be afraid of snow storms. We require that you have done a multiple day sled dog tour before and would like to know before booking where it was and what kind of tour if it was not with us. This is not because we don’t trust your abilities but to get an idea of your former experiences. For safety reasons for you and the dogs please read and respect our tour requirements regarding age and weight limits that you can find here.


We provide you with the outer layer of clothes. To enjoy the tour it’s always good to have the right combination of clothes and equipment. So, please find our equipment recommendation here.


Please be aware that this tour is extremely affected by the weather. So changes in the program can be necessary to secure a safe tour for dogs and humans. That can be a change of trail as well as change of driving times or days.


Extra nights before or after the tour can be booked on request.