Husky Adventures

Our husky adventures shall be lifetime experiences for you. That is why we put great effort in all our work. Every tour and activity will be planned with you and changes according to your wishes are almost always possible. Just ask us.


8 Days Dogs, Cold & Northern Lights

… experience the real Arctic winter on a 5 day sled dog tour. After an instruction day with a comfortable night back home you will be on tour four days in a row with nights in wilderness cabins and (heated) tents.

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8 Days Huskies and Mountains

… enjoy the breathtaking landscape of the Swedish mountains. Let yourself be enchanted by the impressive views and the strength of your four-legged team members, who will make this tour unforgettable.

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8 Days Sled Dogs for Beginners

… experience the life with our huskies in a week full of new adventures, from a day tour over sled dog training to a night in the wilderness and finally a northern lights tour with your new best friends.

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8 Days Specials Christmas and New Year

… White Christmas? A firework of Northern Lights? Or easter eggs in the snow? Our specials will let you celebrate these days in a relaxed atmosphere. These programs are also suitable for family with kids.

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Overnight Tour

… drive your own dog team and get your first experiences how to take care for dogs on overnight stays. We will spend the night either in a wilderness cabin or in (heated) tents, depending on how much adventure you would like to have.

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Musher for a Day

… learn to drive a dog sled on a half day or full day sled dog tour. Prepare the team together with us and follow us on a journey out in the wilderness exploring wildlife around and getting to know the feeling of being a musher.

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8 Days Autumn Training

… learn all about how our dogs are prepared for the winter season. Follow us on training runs with atv, train commands with lead dogs or socialize our puppies. Of course, we will also go through equipment and material to be ready for winter.

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Join a Training

… come and help us train the dogs for their winter adventures. Training does not only mean running in front of the atv but also learn to lead a team and listen to commands, take breaks for a rest, and much more, followed by intensive dog care and cuddles.

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All Year

Meet & Greet Dogs and Nature

… this activity is often called “kennel visit” but at our place it’s so much more. Being out with the dogs exploring the beautiful nature of Swedish Lapland while learning all about mushing and wildlife around us. Of course, cuddle dogs and take pictures is also a big part of it.

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Husky Trekking

… explore the beauty of nature and wildlife together with us and our dogs. While a dog in front of you gives you motivation for the hike we will explain you the trails, tracks, plants and animals we will meet. Of course, an outdoor snack can’t be missed on this tour.

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