Sponsors and Partners

As you may imagine it is not easy to run a small business. Especially when your most important team members are dogs you always keep in mind to make sure that they have the best life you can give them, worst case even with no guests at all.

Our dogs are our superstars. It’s all about them. You want to support us? You can choose between different forms of sponsorships. Please write an email to info@lappland-nature-dreams.com if you want to support us.

Health Care 

Most important for our dogs is their physical and mental health. Costs for veterinarian and medicine occur even if no dog is sick, just think of annual vaccinations, deworming and health check ups. We follow the recommendations of our veterinarian to keep our dogs fit and healthy.

Pick your favourite dog and support him with 1750 SEK (~150 EUR) per year.

Dog Food

Your car is not running without fuel, our dogs are not running without food 😉 We feed our dogs with high quality dry food and meat that is specially developed for hard working dogs. Also, they get food supplements that support digestion, muscles or just increase the energy level even more. The food is always the biggest part in the budget calculation, rough spoken one dog needs one kilo of food per day. Of course, that’s not precise because dry food has more energy than meat, in summer dogs work less and it’s warm, in winter they work more and have to protect their bodies from the cold. But try to calculate…

You want to stand for a part of the food costs for your favourite dog? You can choose to pay 3400 SEK (~300 EUR) per year or 340 SEK (~30 EUR) per month. Of course, you can also support us with any other amount, because every amount counts.

Kennel and Equipment

Last but not least we want to emphasise that not only individual dog sponsoring is a big support for us but also sponsoring for kennel and equipment. It’s not the case that you build a kennel and dog houses once and then it stands for 20 years, there is always something to fix or change. The same applies to equipment. Sleds can break, atv needs fuel and service, harnesses and lines are used daily and do not only need to stand against dog teeth sometimes, it’s also weather and conditions like training in sun, rain, snow, mud, ice, etc. that affects the lifetime of the material. And most of all: booties – dog socks to protect the feet from injuries are a great invention but they last only for about 100km, in autumn often much less. If you see that one bootie costs around 20 SEK, you can imagine the yearly costs just for this position.

Feel free to support us with any amount you want, no matter if it’s a one time payment, monthly or yearly support.

Thank you

We want to say thank you to everyone who supports us.

If you support an individual dog with health care or food sponsoring we will send you regular reports about „your“ dog. When you book a tour with us „your“ dog will be part of your team if there are no important reasons against that (e.g. age or health). If you sponsor our kennel in general we will send you reports about the development of the kennel and our business. Of course, you can wish for special dogs in your team when you do a tour with us.


Additionally we would like to point out that we have great partners from whom we get the best food and equipment for our dogs for reasonable prices. Thanks to