Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We know, you are waiting for a new blog post 😉 and of course, we want to wish all of you a merry Christmas 🎄and a very happy New Year 🎊 

Seems strange to repeat the same things again and again but we are still waiting for more snow. On Christmas Eve we did a nice run along the Glommersträsk trail enjoying the sunset over the lake and the mountains. But for yesterday’s tour with guests we had to stay on our „usual“ trail in the other direction. Because on the trail to Glommersträsk there are a lot of drainage ditches that are about 1m deep and 50-80cm wide. With enough snow you don’t realize them but now it’s a great risk for injuries if you are not used to drive a sled and watch the dogs carefully. So, we still hope for more snow every day ❄️

When we were not training the last weeks we went on with the renovation of our guest house and in two days the first guests will move in. Time to show you some before and after pictures 😃 there are some pictures from not used rooms even worse than what you see below but since we don’t have “after” pictures yet we leave them out here 😉 a deeper description of the house you can find here. When it’s not season for the winter tours it’s possible to rent the house with or without other activities, just write us an email if you want to spend your next holiday there.