It felt like centuries but yesterday we could finally finish the dog cages and today our very happy dogs moved in 😃🐕🐾

But from the start: the weekend we used to put the bottom logs on their places and correct last parts were the ground was not really even. That takes more time than you think, especially when you also want to spend time with your dogs beside working. Then we started with the kennel elements in the back before we had to move the dog houses into the cages. They are way too big and with about 200kg each much too heavy to maneuver through the doors. So, better to put them on place before you close the kennel. But how do you move them over the yard? Ask Raffi, he always finds a creative solution 😉

When the dog houses were inside we could go on to put the elements around, screw them in the bottom logs and build some door locks/openers (they are delivered without). Now we need to think about a stabilization for the long side of the cage in the corner as well as cross our fingers that the dogs are not digging too much 😉✊🐾 but so far the dogs are enjoying there new homes, especially Ranger likes the view from the roof of the dog house.

So, we can focus on the smaller things in the kennel and the bigger tasks in the house. 

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