Puppy Names

Difficult task is done ✅ puppy names are decided 😊 This time it was not so easy because of the many girls in the litter and our goal to find names according to a topic.

Raffi wanted to have a little Maya since several years, so possible topics could have been names out of the Maya culture, names from indigenous groups in Central America and the dogs of the movie Antarctica. The latter was our favorite but in the film it’s one girl and seven boys. We have six girls and two boys 😬 so, we took time and thought more about the first two topics. But even if we found really nice names it felt wrong, maybe we have thought about Antarctica too long and in our hearts had decided for this already. But how to solve the gender problem? Ok, some names are not definite male names, one you can easily change into a female name and the last two we added names of persons in the film. Even here we took the name from a man for one of the girls, but again it’s a name that definitely is also used for women or female dogs 🐕 

So, here comes our Antarctica litter:

  • Maya – Raffi’s girl, dark fur, white front legs, back tows and tail tip
  • Buck – the big boy, brown with a big white neck
  • Max – the small boy, completely brown 
  • Shorty – the smallest girl, brown like Max with a little white blaze and some white on the neck
  • Shadow – one of the big females, dark fur with only white feet
  • Charlie – girl with more grey fur, one front leg is white, one only the foot is white
  • Katie – a special girl with fluffy fur and interesting white blaze and neck
  • Jackie – the biggest girl with really thick fur, white blaze, front legs and tail tip

Today they are four weeks old and no question, now the funny time with these cuties and new experiences every day starts 🥰

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