Our new roof

This time nothing new about our dogs but the most important project beside them: our roof.

After four and a half long days of work, yesterday the crew finished everything on the roof. They did a great work and if you ever need to build or renovate your roof, especially in the area around Rostock or in the south of Sweden, you have to contact Daniel Saß https://www.sass-dachdeckermeister.de. And as you see they even take a journey far up north if you ask them 😉

We are really happy about their fantastic work. Now the rain can come… oh no, wait, time for snow now, rain can wait until spring 😉

Thanks so much Daniel and the whole team!



Season has started

Yeah, winter is here and the season has started in a double sense… Aurora and sled season! What could be better?

A lot is happening now. Yesterday the work on the roof started. And they are so quick, almost all old material was taken away and one half was already protected against new rain or snow. We will add pictures of the results later on. But we promised our guests that they will see Northern Lights and indeed we got a really nice show in the evening. The pictures are still on the camera and will be added as soon as we have them on the computer.

Meanwhile we want to show you some pictures and videos from the very first sled ride of the season, including meeting eleven moose. If you zoom in one of the photos you may see one of them 😉



Winter is here

Always a bit sceptical about the weather forecast we were really happy to see this… today in the morning when we woke up… and it’s still snowing (and stormy as well) 🙂



Too much energy

The colder the temperatures get the more energy the dogs have. And if running is not enough anymore they find new ways to spend it… make order in the free run for example 😂🐕🐾

But actually it’s a quite good idea because there we will start with the sleds and some of the branches and roots of the bushes needs to be taken out because otherwise they will kill your brake pad right at the start. For those of you who have never been on a dog sled: the sled has two brakes, one metal brake and one hard plastic/gummi brake pad. The first you use when you are standing or when you need to break really hard (e.g. reindeers in front of you), the latter is to brake softly to avoid that dogs feel every bump in their back, you use it almost all the time. That is why the brake pad usually is down on the snow all the time while the metal brake only touches the snow if you step on it. The disadvantage with the brake pad now is if there is something in the way like a root that is standing out of the snow the pad can hit this and rip off or you can be stopped really hard and crash into the handle bar (the part you are holding the sled usually at the height of your ribs). Both not so funny. So, good to have strong helpers in the yard 😉

And even if there was no time to prepare the camera and it’s just a photo from the mobile phone we don’t want to hide the beautiful morning colours from today 😊



What happens?

Oh, oh, time flies, like always. Almost two weeks without news for you. Sorry, for letting you wait so long. But it seems a bit like there is nothing really interesting to talk about.

Since our last post we had autumn weather every day, a lot of rain or really wet, foggy days and nights. Of course, weather can’t harm you as long as you wear the right clothes, but it led to the fact that we haven’t done so much outside and even when we were outside with the dogs we protected the phones and camera and didn’t take pictures.

Additionally we were occupied a lot with „normal“ work, earning some money, so that we couldn’t spend so much time for our own projects. But some little things anyway happened. We now have two nice self made benches in the free run to sit down and relax with the dogs – of course not in use yet in the rainy weather but hopefully when it gets dry again. Raffi also made some nice wooden food bowl holders that I painted afterwards. We are still discussing if we should screw it on the dog houses or on the cage elements. The latter has the advantage that the dog houses stay clean but I fear a bit that Stella could use it as stairs to climb out of the cage. She is already climbing half way when she is really excited. We will let you know 😉

Next week we will get guests from Germany who will help us to put a new roof on the main house. So happy when it finally doesn’t rain inside the house any longer 😉 but to prepare this we had to paint the wooden planks that will be on the edge of the roof, more than 100m length at all. Good that we have a big storage where we could do at least half at one time. Because especially when it’s relatively cold and wet outside it takes time until the painting is dry and you have to do both sides and two times to have it sufficiently covered. But now all this is prepared and end of next week the real work can start.

Maybe we will get some nice days in between to provide you with pictures and updates on the dog yard. At least it is promised to get colder and stop raining, so cross your fingers 🙂