Cute, Cuter, Puppies 🥰

I can’t believe, our little „Lion Kings“ are already two months old, almost, and they are getting cuter and cuter every day 😃

Would you like to get some updates on how they have developed? Ok, here it comes…

Simba is, of course, still the smallest puppy. But that doesn’t mean anything. His broken leg couldn’t stop him from exploring the world around him, running, jumping, climbing, etc. Indeed, it seems that he is the bravest of them all. At the same time he listens very well. That probably comes because of much extra care like saving an extra portion food for him, taking him on the arm when it seems the little boy is freezing, protecting him from his siblings when they play too hard with him, and so on, and so on. 

Nala is our small little girl, the only one in the litter. She is always keeping her head up, looking where you are to get some cuddles. She is very social with all humans but also with her brothers. 

Mufasa is one of the big boys. He likes to be outside in the snow. In the beginning he was one of those kind of puppies you can easily overlook because he doesn’t cause trouble and is just there. But now he wants to have more and more attention, especially if he gets too less cuddles – in his opinion 😂🙈

Rafiki is our little malamute. From being the smallest boy after Simba he has become the biggest of all puppies and with his fluffy fur and special color it is really not difficult for him to attract new visitors. Beside this he is a little monster when it comes to feeding. If you don’t stop him, he comes like a bulldozer and within seconds all food is gone 😋

Zazu developed a bit in the other direction. As long as the puppies lived in our house he was always the first out of the bed to see what is happening and was often barking excited on persons that came closer. Now he is a bit more calm, sometimes even shy in some situations and always wants to be close to humans or his siblings to be safe. By the way, did you recognize the change of his fur color? From being more or less black (with a bit white) in the beginning he is now grey, a very special color and also his eye color is quite special. It still can change but at the moment it is neither brown nor blue but a light green instead. 

Timon is still very special in his „painting“. Also his color changed. His dots are no longer black but grey and I really appreciate the mixed color on his ears. He is a really nice little puppy, not too crazy but very social. 

Pumba is our third big guy next to Rafiki and Mufasa. He likes to be cuddled – ok, who doesn’t? ☺️ He listens very well and always pays attention to what you say and what is happening around him. 

You love them all? We truly understand that 😉 So we have an idea: if you are in the area or plan to visit Lappland the next weeks, come and visit us. Our puppies are two months old now, best time for cuddling and playing around with them. So, contact us to book a kennel visit. Coronasafe outside, with a lot of information about dogs and mushing, enjoy cuddles with the adult dogs in our free run area while we are cooking coffee over open fire and of course take wonderful photos of the young ones. Time flies, so take your chance now 😊🐶🐾

And last but not least one more topic for today: In the last weeks we got a lot of questions about what a husky or husky puppy costs and if it is possible to adopt or sponsor them. To answer these questions: if you buy an Alaskan husky puppy it often costs between 6000 and 12000 SEK, depending on the bloodlines behind, the breeder, if they already have passport and vaccinations, etc. So, one could think that breeding your own puppies is much better. Yes, it is for many reasons, especially because you know the parents very good and have the chance to socialize the puppies from the first day on. But of course, there are also reasons to buy puppies, e.g. you want a new bloodline in your kennel or you want to have only one or two young dogs. Anyway, the decision to breed your own puppies is not to safe money. You need a lot for food, supplements like milk powder if necessary (like in our case for little Simba), veterinarian costs, deworming, vaccinations, chips, passports, etc. But having dogs is never cheap, you forego on monetary values to live a life with the dogs that gives so much more than money can. Nevertheless it is our goal to give our dogs the best possible care with good food, good equipment and also vet visits and medicine whenever needed. And if you want to support us with that by sponsoring one of our dogs we would be very happy about that. Please write us an email which dog is your favorite and we can give you more information on how a dog sponsoring can look like.