First of all, sorry to let you wait for new blog posts so long. Unfortunately we have a lot to do with all the other things like „normal“ work, running dogs, walking and cuddling puppies, etc. so that we often don’t have the time to write longer posts for the blog and/or don’t have the pictures on the same device what we have with us when we have time. But what is often much faster is to put some pictures or videos on Instagram (as post or story) and Facebook. So if you are not already following us please do so, you will be happy to see more of our pack on many days. You find us here:


And if you are wondering what we are doing these days: using all free time we have to enjoy our beautiful surroundings with our dogs, search and find new trails and be impressed what a great area we live in 😉

Here comes one of my favourite pictures from the last days