Lapland’s Beautiful Nature

When we decided about the name of our company it was important not only to mention our dogs but also our close connection to the place we live and the beautiful nature around us. 

Some weeks ago you already got the first impression of the berry season, now everything is full of blueberries and also lingonberries are almost ready. 

Do you remember the young golden eagle 🦅 that lives in the area? Today after berry picking we saw him again. Not in the nest but flying through the forest. Very impressive how eagles manage to fly between narrow trees 🌲 unfortunately he was much too fast to make a picture 📷 

But another one was much more patient… a reindeer with great antlers stopped for us to be photographed 😉

And a few days ago “our” moose mum and one year old moose child came for an evening visit…

Last but not least some photos of our dogs, showing there emotions short before start of the training run: 8 year old Lumene is fully concentrated and waits for the starting command while puppies Rafiki, Zazu and Mufasa as well as two year old Mose are really excited and let you see and hear this 😂