Building Project

One of our biggest building projects this year – beside dog kennels and grill kota – was the upgrade of „Gammelgården“. That is a very old typical Swedish wood house where you could even find a bakery with a real stone oven. Of course, we haven’t touched this room but the rest was worked on to build a dog food kitchen and treatment room, food storage, equipment storage and a guest toilet. 

You already heard about that when we were digging for the water 💦 and now it’s done ✅ almost. Some minor details will be made in the next days, also some more shelves for storage place. But everything is usable right now 😃

And guess what’s special? All wood we used for walls, ceiling, shelves, etc. is waste wood, planned to be thrown away or burned. Can you imagine what a pity that would have been? You can do so many great things out of it. And at the same time do a favor to nature and save the trees 🌲 

We already put the shoes in place, the jackets and trousers will come later. The outdoor cooking equipment is waiting in a box until another „waste wood shelf“ is ready. And also some decoration will follow. 

But here you can see pictures of the current status.