End of Season

Time flies. It feels like winter season has just started some days ago… and suddenly it’s already spring 😬

So, time to look back on our first winter tour season and look forward to what is coming…

As you may have realized we never found the time to write blog posts during the season and we really feel sorry for that but dog care is always first and now, we take the time to let you participate retrospectively 😉

The cold came early this winter but for the snow we had to wait long and even when it was snowing it was nothing compared to the last winter. But hey, that had the advantage that we didn’t need to shovel that much snow this year what was really good because with two full time jobs beside our tour business it can be hard sometimes to manage everything. It also got quite warm already in the middle of March, we even needed to cancel some tours because the trails were so soft that it was not possible for guests to drive the dogs. So, we were fearing not even to have snow until end of March. But luckily the cold came back and in April we even had some snow storms and got 30-50cm of fresh snow. So, in theory we could have done some nice tours. And, yes, we did but not as much as we would liked to have done, because Yvonne was sick for almost three weeks and had to stay home and mostly inside for that time cause her lungs couldn’t manage cold air. But in time for Easter everyone was fit again so that we could enjoy a great weekend with early morning tours in the rising sun and full moon camping nights. What a great final of this winter season 🥰 now it is really, really warm and the snow is melting rapidly, so there will be only few morning/evenings left to run the dogs at home. But Yvonne hopes that the snow in the mountains stay a week longer so that she can do one more tour there when she has completely recovered. Cross your fingers 🤞

Some words about the dogs: our dogs did great the whole winter. Barolo is our main leader and he always does a great job, ok sometimes he is a bit distracted when there are girls in heat 🤪 Ruby is his girl and both are very disappointed if they are not allowed to run together… what can happen because we regularly change teams and Ruby shall also learn to run with the others, especially the youngsters in the guest teams. The puppies have developed so much this winter. Some of them are great leaders in the guest teams, some are hard workers like their father and some are not caring about anything, just running, running, running. But all of them enjoys cuddles a lot 😍 We also have two new dogs in the team, Rubin and Jade who came in the beginning of March. They are fantastic dogs and have integrated in the family already after a few days. Now they all relax on their dog houses when sun is shining and wait to go out early in the morning or late in the evening.

And what are the plans for the future? As said, Yvonne would love to do a tour in the mountains next week. After that the construction work will start again. While there is still snow outside or at least wet ground we start with some dog houses inside and as soon as the snow is gone we can build more cages outside to have space when new puppies come 😉 beside this we are still working on a guest house solution. During summer it will be possible to do some outdoor adventures with and without dogs and next winter we will do some week tours also. We will put the whole description and dates on the web page a bit later but if you are interested you can already contact us, so maybe we can adjust dates according to your wishes 😃

Many thanks for a great winter season to our dogs, guests and partners. We are happy to welcome you back soon!

And now enjoy some pictures 🐕❄️☀️