Winter solstice

Today was the day many people are waiting for: winter solstice. That means the shortest day of the year. Wait! Is it not 24h? Yes, of course, also the 21st of December has 24 hours, but it is the day with the shortest time of daylight on the Northern hemisphere. From now on days are getting longer and nights shorter. Many people in the north are missing the sun and are happy to have passed this day.

I don’t really care about how long days and nights are, especially now since we are – unfortunately – not longer living above the Arctic Circle. So, to be correct, we don’t have polar night and also no midnight sun in summer. But we are so close that it is almost as if. Anyway, for me it’s not important if in theory we get more daylight from now on. I am more waiting for nice winter weather, cold and sunny with snow diamonds all around. But it is still much too warm, +2°, not much snow and what we have is very soft now, lakes are not frozen, etc. 

So, we can only live from memories of great colors also during the darkest time of the year. And hope we will see it again soon. 

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