Building Project

One of our biggest building projects this year – beside dog kennels and grill kota – was the upgrade of „Gammelgården“. That is a very old typical Swedish wood house where you could even find a bakery with a real stone oven. Of course, we haven’t touched this room but the rest was worked on to build a dog food kitchen and treatment room, food storage, equipment storage and a guest toilet. 

You already heard about that when we were digging for the water 💦 and now it’s done ✅ almost. Some minor details will be made in the next days, also some more shelves for storage place. But everything is usable right now 😃

And guess what’s special? All wood we used for walls, ceiling, shelves, etc. is waste wood, planned to be thrown away or burned. Can you imagine what a pity that would have been? You can do so many great things out of it. And at the same time do a favor to nature and save the trees 🌲 

We already put the shoes in place, the jackets and trousers will come later. The outdoor cooking equipment is waiting in a box until another „waste wood shelf“ is ready. And also some decoration will follow. 

But here you can see pictures of the current status. 



Active Holiday

Since one week we have holiday now… and no, we are not laying on the beach 🏝 enjoying the sun ☀️ that’s anyway not our most favorite kind of vacation, we prefer active holiday 💪😉 but honestly this week was heavier than a whole month of “normal” work 😬

Last weekend the play toys for big boys were already parked…

On Monday Raffi and our neighbor company Nito Last AB started to dig for the water 💦 to our new dog food kitchen. They were digging and digging and digging… after a whole day they finally found the main water pipe with a T-cross, one to the main house, one to the yard – either to the old fountain ⛲️ or to the barn. Both options meant that the pipe must be close to the old “guest house” so we thought we could avoid digging the whole way but just find the old pipe and connect the new one. Great idea 💡👍 Two more days they were digging, first with logical thinking, later with a detector that clearly stated the way of the pipe but even in more than five meters depth there was nothing 😲 in the end we decided to go back to the old plan and put a new pipe over the yard… so, today they (almost) finished this part of the project. The dirt water pipe is still to do but that part is much easier and almost all way already prepared. And the inside work can wait until all outside tasks are done 😉

At least we don’t need to cut so much grass for the next weeks 😂🙈

Beside digging we also prepared the new dog cages. First we had to make the ground even, then put the dog houses in place. The dog houses we built already during the last months so they were just waiting to be used. And it’s much easier to put the dog houses in the cage before the cage is there because they are too big and much too heavy to get them through the doors. After this was done we put big logs around the cages and then the cage elements. Two of the cages will be “jumping cages”. They will have some additional planks on top to prevent dogs from jumping or climbing out of the cage like e.g. Stella already did when she couldn’t wait to be put on the line for training 😏 now, there are some smaller jobs left: finishing the jumping protection, make door locks/openers and fix the food bowl holders. 

Last but not least we built up our grill kota. Another challenging project: first of all the quality of the material was quite bad, so after a complaint to the seller he promised that the manufacturer will send somebody on Thursday to build up the kota – as compensation. On Thursday the manufacturer called me that they can’t come today but will come on Friday. Meanwhile we had already prepared the ground. Friday morning we put all parts on place waiting for the guys to come. At 5 p.m. I got a call that they unfortunately can’t manage and that they can check on Monday if they can come next week… are you kidding me? 😳 Ok, we didn’t want to put all parts back in the garage to protect them from rain, so we started to build it up ourselves. Generally not a big thing, but instead of a written instruction with the delivery the seller send a link to an online instruction with nice animation videos. Not really comfortable to check your phone while working on the one hand but more problematic that a lot of parts of the kota where not exactly like the description and animation. The bottom, the corner pieces, the door, the benches, the grill… almost all steps you had to make changes and could guess what is the correct way, some parts were even missing completely. So, we checked pictures from the manufacturer to see if we are correct. At the end we could finish the building process yesterday evening. Now, we only need to finish oiling it. Yesterday night and today it was too much rain 🌧 so, we will do that within the next days. Also the surrounding and decoration will be made in the near future. But after nine days of hard work we had to spend 2-3 hours relaxing with a barbecue in our kota tonight 😋🌭🥗

Let’s see what the next week will bring 😉

By the way: the dogs are doing fine. Joël wants to go for walks with them every day again and again… good for the puppies to learn to walk on the leash 🐕🐾 and Joël’s most favorite thing on the yard is the “brumm brumm” – the atv. He loves to join a ride and next week colder temperatures are promised, so maybe we can go out together for training with the adult dogs 🐶