Work in progress

You are probably already waiting for an update… so, here we are.

The last few days were a lot of work but we enjoy being at our new place. On Wednesday we picked up the poles for the free run and the bottom logs for the kennels from Ute Trä AB in Arvidsjaur. For this we had to rent a really big trailer – this time it was privately rent so without any problems 😉 but Raffi had to drive two times because otherwise the load would have been too heavy. The really nice people from Ute Trä gave us the advice to ask somebody with a tractor to help unloading, but look how easy it goes…

In the afternoon our stuff from Germany arrived. About 50 boxes, a lot of working tools, my bike – yeah we can train 😉 and also the kennel elements from the one cage that we had there. So, yesterday we quickly build up the kennel and now always some of the dogs can be in the kennel. Luna and Stella seemed to be very excited about it 🙂 sorry for the bad quality of the picture but they were moving much too fast and today it’s raining, so no good opportunity to make a new one.

After that was done we drove to Piteå to pick up a nice old cabinet and the first part of the material needed for building the dog houses.

Later and also today we continued to unpack the boxes, sort everything to the correct place and try to get some order… and again driving to the DIY store to buy the rest for the dog houses.

By the way, on Monday the moose hunting season starts. But we already had visitors in our backyard today. A little bit into the forest on the picture above there were really fresh moose and reindeer tracks. So, maybe better to wait with the training for some days. Not so funny to meet a moose with the bike and some dogs while hunters are around 😉

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