When dogs trick their human

A bit late but I need to post it, even if it was already some days ago…

Since the snow was still not here Raffi decided to start building the next cozy element of our free run. A tower for the dogs to look around and of course a place to sit and cuddle. 

So, he took some trees to start with the basic poles and added the roof base. While working up there Barolo wanted to play and Raffi was throwing a piece of wood for him. After a few seconds Barolo was back and – of course – wanted to continue playing. When realizing that Raffi is up there and will not throw something the next minutes he invented a new game: trick your human 😅🐕🙈 not difficult for him to let the ladder fall down and watch Raffi sitting up there 🤣🤣🤣

Now we need some more construction wood to go on with the tower but eventually we postpone it to after the winter because today the snow was coming back and we hope for more to go out with the sled soon ❄️🐕🛷

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