Do what makes you happy

Winter has finally arrived 😃 The last days we had temperatures down to minus 20 degrees 🥶 and also some more snow ❄️ Actually, we had the biggest snow depth of whole Sweden yesterday 🤩

It’s still not so much but enough for short runs with the sled 🐕-🐕-🐕—🛷 

When our puppies joined the first time last weekend we realized that the harnesses we had planned for them were still a bit too big… or puppies too small 😉 so, we wrote an email to Axaeco and right in time the new harnesses were in our post box yesterday. Thank you, Henry, for the super fast service. The new harnesses are looking great and it seems also Luna and Stella are proud to wear them…

We are anyway really proud of our puppies. They are definitely born to be a sled dog. You put them on the line, they stand „line out“ (means holding the line straight) waiting for the command to start and then they just go. The first video is right after the start from our yard, crossing our neighbours yard. Next pictures are from the trail, enjoying our winterwonderland. 

After coming home they get a little snack and as you see the whole team including the puppies is waiting patiently until the snacks are cut 😋

And last but not least some nice pictures from Arvidsjaur and Akkanålke mountain.



When dogs trick their human

A bit late but I need to post it, even if it was already some days ago…

Since the snow was still not here Raffi decided to start building the next cozy element of our free run. A tower for the dogs to look around and of course a place to sit and cuddle. 

So, he took some trees to start with the basic poles and added the roof base. While working up there Barolo wanted to play and Raffi was throwing a piece of wood for him. After a few seconds Barolo was back and – of course – wanted to continue playing. When realizing that Raffi is up there and will not throw something the next minutes he invented a new game: trick your human 😅🐕🙈 not difficult for him to let the ladder fall down and watch Raffi sitting up there 🤣🤣🤣

Now we need some more construction wood to go on with the tower but eventually we postpone it to after the winter because today the snow was coming back and we hope for more to go out with the sled soon ❄️🐕🛷



Believe in your dreams

Oh, that was difficult. I wanted to find a headline that sums up the content of the text but that doesn’t give Corona another place to get big. So, no name of that in the header. But my second idea was to write „stay positive“ until I realized that this word is also very much occupied by the current media reports and can have the opposite effect… so why not staying with our web page headline word „dreams“?

At the moment, of course, it’s not easy to let your dreams come true. Especially if you plan to work in tourism business the crazy situation in the whole world stops or at least slows down your plans. As long as we don’t know how everything develops we can’t go on with the building of the kennel and the guest house but nobody can force us to give up our dreams. We still believe that we can welcome you on our tours in future and we will use the time we have to make the best out of the situation.

For today that just meant to enjoy the time with our dogs at our new fire place 🔥🐕😍