This weekend midsummer was celebrated and indeed, summer is here. 

Even if summer solstice is on 21st of June Swedish people celebrate midsummer on the weekend after. Saturday is midsummer but already Friday most companies doesn’t work so people have a free day and you can find midsummer parties all around. We also arranged midsummer celebration in our little village Moräng. So, people are coming, sitting in the sun, chatting, having fika (coffee and cake) and as a highlight they are dancing around the beautiful decorated midsummer pole. After a break of two years because of Corona it seemed that people were happy to celebrate tradition again. Unfortunately in all the hectic of preparation I forgot to take pictures 🙈

The rest of the weekend was full with work – what else 😉 we continued with the fence of the new dog cages. Not the easiest with 30° in the shadow  – but since there are no trees in the future cages, it was only partly shadow at our working place – and millions of mosquitoes and knots (the small ones that are biting). We now have about 40m fence done, out of 90m and already about 700-800 cramps used… can you please order colder temperatures for the rest of the work??? The whole next week is promised to be as hot as this weekend 😬🥵

And the dogs🐕? They are relaxing and not moving more than necessary. But sometimes they are crazy, laying on the dog house in pure sun instead of taking the shadow places. Ok, there are also humans enjoying the sun at the beach 🏝 but we can’t wait to have winter back ❄️😂 



Human’s Love for Animals

This time we have an interesting post and a recommendation for you. The Headline is a free translation of the topic of the German TV-show Nachtcafé, a high quality talkshow shown in German TV since 35 years welcoming guests out of the „normal“ society to talk about their lives related to the topic chosen for the specified show.

On Friday, 17th June 2022 the show has the title „Wo die Tierliebe hinfällt“ or in free translation human‘s love for animals. 

Ok, why do we post this? Especially if we don’t have TV at home 🤔 mmh, maybe because there are interesting guests in the show talking about their lives with elephants, reptiles and fish? Yes, a great mixture of guests 😊 but of course one animal is missing, isn‘t it? So, who is talking about dogs??? Yes, we are or to be precise: Yvonne was asked to be a guest and let people participate in her life with the dogs. 

Honestly, it took me a short while to decide. First of all, I had to google the show because not watching TV means that I didn’t know it, even if I know Michael Steinbrecher from former years when he moderated the „Sportstudio“. Second and more important: I am really not the person that likes to stand in front of a camera, already to know that I will be photographed makes me nervous, so how should that work with TV then? 😬 But on the one side I watched some of the old shows on the internet and got the impression that it’s definitely not a kind of talkshow you know from trash TV but high quality with the focus on the guests in a very smart and honest way. And – most important – it’s our philosophy to show our guests our life with the dogs and bring them close together on tours so that they can experience a part of it. So, it‘s just consistent to also use the chance to bring a glimpse of this life to the TV audience. 

The ones who follow our story for a while might know the basics of what I will be talking about, but also the other guests have interesting stories:

Patrick Meyer lives with hundreds of reptiles like spiders, lizards, iguanas, snakes and caimans. He joins the show with his tarantula Igittchen 🕷 and already this name is worth to hear what he is doing and where this name comes from. Patrick has a sanctuary for exotic animals and is an expert in the work with reptiles. For more info visit his homepage www.poeci1.de

Bodo Förster started working with elephants 🐘 in the Tierpark Berlin – remember where I have been as a child almost every time I visited Berlin 😃 Since more than 30 years Bodo is in Thailand working with these majestic animals. He has so much experience and it’s great to hear his stories but he also knows about the risks that are implied in his work. You can visit him and the elephants, check www.elephant-tours.de

Gertraud Baron is one of only very few women who has a great love for fish 🐟 Not on the table but in her spacious ponds. And it is a very special and also expensive one, it’s koi fish. Hear about how you can communicate with these animals and what makes them special. 

Franziska Lüttich has dogs too but that is not her main topic in the show. When she posted obituaries for her dead dogs she got so much positive feedback and experienced that some people don’t know how to handle the death of their beloved animals. Therefore Franziska writes obituaries and help people express their grief. For more information visit www.beruehrende-reden.de

Dr. Carola Otterstedt is a cultural and behavior researcher and is participating in the show with comments on why the love for animals is so important for us humans. She is also very active in preventive animal welfare. You can read more here: www.buendnis-mensch-und-tier.de

You want to see the show? The Nachtcafé is on TV on SWR on Friday, 17th June 2022 at 10.20 p.m. (in German language), if you don’t have TV or no time you can watch the whole show in the media library of SWR from Saturday on. More information on the show: www.swrfernsehen.de/nachtcafe

Last but not least I want to say thank you to Michael Steinbrecher for great moderation and nice atmosphere, to Lisa Frieda Cossham for the invitation and to the whole Nachtcafé team for care taking and all work behind the scenes. It was great to be your guest 😃



The Best Time for a Husky Tour

When people plan to book their vacation we are often asked what is the best time to go on a husky tour. And to be honest: we don’t have an answer. Or we have to say: „the whole winter“. Taking more time to answer in detail means to ask back what do you want to experience beside having a great time with the dogs.

December: Do you want to escape the Christmas trouble and have a really quiet time out in the nature? Do you want to experience the darkest time of the year that leads to fantastic sky colors in light blue, pink and purple? Do you prefer an exploding sky with Northern Lights instead of loud and dirty fireworks? Then December is perfect for you! But keep in mind, Trails can be more difficult because of less snow and days (and nights) can be quite cold, feeling even colder because of long darkness.

January: Do you love adventures? January is maybe the most unpredictable month when telling guests something about weather conditions. Sometimes you have mild temperatures with heavy snowfall and deep or no trails for a whole week, sometimes it’s ice cold with clear sky all the time. From mid of the month the sun is coming up higher on the horizon and you really enjoy this after the darker period. Still it’s long hours of night with very good chances to see the Northern Lights.

February: Do you want to experience winter on its peak? In February we usually have a lot of snow and good trails, so don’t be fooled and go off the trail, you might need the dogs to pull you out from the snow, deeper than you are tall. Even if it still can be cold it already feels much warmer because of more daylight and often sunny days. Nevertheless the evenings and nights are still good for Aurora hunting.

March: You really would love to go on a sled dog tour but are a bit afraid of the cold? For all who haven’t experienced real winter yet or who freeze easily March is the perfect month. Days are long and relatively warm. Therefore we often drive our daily stage early in the morning, but that means you have even more time for cuddles with the dogs in the warmer afternoon. Trails are most often easy to drive and tours also suitable for younger guests.

April: You think winter should stay a bit longer? Come to Lapland and enjoy beautiful spring winter with lakes still frozen and snow around you while sun is shining and life is coming back. April is also a good time to see other animals on tour, especially birds in their mating season. And it can be a funny adventure to drive a narrow trail with snow while next to you plants and water start to take over.

So, now it’s your turn to decide. Our tours are updated and you are welcome to book your next adventure with us 😃🐕❄️