Snow, Snow, Snow

Long time we have waited for snow this winter… now we have more than enough of this wonderful white stuff. Already in the beginning of January we had a lot of snow and wind and high „snow mountains“ on our yard. But after this weekend it’s just crazy.

On Friday we had an appointment in Piteå but it was cancelled in the morning because of the snow storm. Good for us so we had time to shovel snow. Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures from the yard and our way to the dogs before we took the snow away, but it was some hours of work. Saturday morning I had to go to work, so Raffi stood up one hour earlier just to clean the path to got out of the yard. But it was still snowing and when I came back in the afternoon the whole way to the dogs was closed again. No need to talk about the puppy cage. It is so full of snow that they probably stay inside not only for few more days but weeks 😉

Today Raffi shovelled the roof of our barn. The snow up there was almost as high as Raffi himself, so about 1,80m. And when he finished he had to make a tunnel to the entrance…

Maybe he finds some time to use the clear sky and light today to search for our dog trail???

By the way: our puppies are growing but Simba gave us reason to worry one more time. On Wednesday he suddenly stopped to put his right front leg on the ground and you could immediately see that something is wrong. We let it check from the vet the next day and indeed his leg is broken. Probably Lumene tapped on it when laying down. Simba is too small to do something with the leg but if he is really lucky it will grow without any damages later on. And if not, no matter, then he will be a family dog. Anyway, he is a fighter and he is already using it again and trying to climb out of the puppy bed area.

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