Misty mornings

Today not much text, just some pictures of how our days look like at the moment. We would call it “November days” even if it is September. Enjoy the beauty and silence of nature.




It felt like centuries but yesterday we could finally finish the dog cages and today our very happy dogs moved in 😃🐕🐾

But from the start: the weekend we used to put the bottom logs on their places and correct last parts were the ground was not really even. That takes more time than you think, especially when you also want to spend time with your dogs beside working. Then we started with the kennel elements in the back before we had to move the dog houses into the cages. They are way too big and with about 200kg each much too heavy to maneuver through the doors. So, better to put them on place before you close the kennel. But how do you move them over the yard? Ask Raffi, he always finds a creative solution 😉

When the dog houses were inside we could go on to put the elements around, screw them in the bottom logs and build some door locks/openers (they are delivered without). Now we need to think about a stabilization for the long side of the cage in the corner as well as cross our fingers that the dogs are not digging too much 😉✊🐾 but so far the dogs are enjoying there new homes, especially Ranger likes the view from the roof of the dog house.

So, we can focus on the smaller things in the kennel and the bigger tasks in the house. 



What a day

Today was a good day, no question…

Getting up early to prepare the ground for the dog cages we received a sms that we will get a delivery at 7:30. While having breakfast we were guessing what that could be… last part of Byggmax delivery for our roof? The main part had already arrived on Wednesday after order late on Friday, so that was really fast. Dog kennel elements? Something else?

Some minutes after the suggested time a big truck arrived – and unloaded our sofa that we were waiting for quite long (and expected delivery in the afternoon). Yeah, now it gets comfortable in our living room 😊

At the same time the guys from Nito Last AB came with the digger to help preparing the kennel area. With a lot of big stones in the ground it was not possible to do it just by hand. So, it’s perfect to have the big machines right in our little village. Thanks so much 🙏

And short after lunch when Joël was trying out the new sofa for a nap another big truck came. I could see the truck but not what he was unloading so had to wait for Raffi’s info… and what we were not anymore expecting for today, it was the kennel elements 😃👏🐕

Now we can finally finish the cages at the weekend. We are really happy about that, hopefully the dogs too 😉



Feeling free

Yeah, yesterday the free run for the dogs was finished 😃 not really finished if you think that we want to build a shelter with a fireplace and a tower for relaxing hours with our dogs and guests. But fence and doors are done, so the dogs could enjoy a long free run with a lot of cuddles or just chewing on some wood sticks 🐕🐾😋

And hopefully next week the kennel elements will be delivered so that we can finish that part of the project too. 

Today we used the nice weather to get some wood in the shelter and cut the bushes on the yard – winter isn’t far anymore 😉❄️☃️



No. 1 skill in Lapland

What do you think is the number one of personal skills in Lapland?

Being creative in solving problems? Staying calm if things don’t go like planned? Good ideas so far… but it’s much easier: patience is the right answer. And who knows me knows that this is not my personal strength 😉

But at the moment we need a lot of it. For several days we were waiting for the delivery of our new bed mattresses to exchange with our camping mattresses that we were using since we have arrived. Also waiting for dog food that was send already last week and arrived in Skellefteå on Sunday but since yesterday hasn’t made the last 100km to our place. And last but not least waiting for the dog kennel elements so that all dogs have enough space. At least mattresses and dog food were delivered yesterday 🙂

But of course, we are not just sitting and waiting. All boxes from Germany are unpacked now and it looks almost tidy in the house again. We are continuing the building of dog houses and start to prepare the area where the kennels will get their place. 

And we are also working on set up the company, already getting nice feedback and support from Glommersträsk and Arvidsjaur municipalities and people around. 



Work in progress

You are probably already waiting for an update… so, here we are.

The last few days were a lot of work but we enjoy being at our new place. On Wednesday we picked up the poles for the free run and the bottom logs for the kennels from Ute Trä AB in Arvidsjaur. For this we had to rent a really big trailer – this time it was privately rent so without any problems 😉 but Raffi had to drive two times because otherwise the load would have been too heavy. The really nice people from Ute Trä gave us the advice to ask somebody with a tractor to help unloading, but look how easy it goes…

In the afternoon our stuff from Germany arrived. About 50 boxes, a lot of working tools, my bike – yeah we can train 😉 and also the kennel elements from the one cage that we had there. So, yesterday we quickly build up the kennel and now always some of the dogs can be in the kennel. Luna and Stella seemed to be very excited about it 🙂 sorry for the bad quality of the picture but they were moving much too fast and today it’s raining, so no good opportunity to make a new one.

After that was done we drove to Piteå to pick up a nice old cabinet and the first part of the material needed for building the dog houses.

Later and also today we continued to unpack the boxes, sort everything to the correct place and try to get some order… and again driving to the DIY store to buy the rest for the dog houses.

By the way, on Monday the moose hunting season starts. But we already had visitors in our backyard today. A little bit into the forest on the picture above there were really fresh moose and reindeer tracks. So, maybe better to wait with the training for some days. Not so funny to meet a moose with the bike and some dogs while hunters are around 😉



The adventure begins

Today is the day! The first day of our new life 😃

The trailer was packed already yesterday so that we just had to put our last bags with cameras, computer and food as well as the dogs into the car and could start the journey in the morning. Originally it was planned to stop in Arvidsjaur for the paperwork and then go on to Moräng but since there were quite a lot incidents of theft and burglary in the area the last days we decided to go to the house first, park the trailer there and then go back for the paperwork. Some useless driving but better than to risk all our stuff 😉

And by the way, I almost forgot to tell you another typical Lapland story: knowing that we will need a trailer for moving we booked a one-way-rental from Kiruna to Arvidsjaur already in July. But don’t believe that safes your plans! Five days ago we got a message that there are unfortunately no trailers available in Kiruna but they changed the booking to pickup in Malmberget – you don’t know where this is? Ah, just 1,5h one way from Kiruna, so not far from what we booked 😒 and not to forget that we pass by the rental station in Kiruna quite often and there are always at least five trailers standing there. But asking at the station didn’t help because they couldn’t do anything, everything works via internet booking 😬 really customer-friendly 🙈

So, in the end we cancelled the (changed) booking and thankfully borrowed a trailer from Mats.

In the afternoon we finally arrived, happy to have our own home now.
The dogs already enjoyed running on the yard, not all free and at the same time until we have a fence around but good to stretch out their legs after a long car ride 🐕🐾🐕

Ah, and we had a very special welcome short before Moräng. A white reindeer with its white calf – that’s a sign for luck 🙂